Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gnocchi with burnt sage butter

Husband's out tonight on a photography course, so it's going to be a quick dinner in front of the telly watching The Daily Show. I know there's a pack of fresh (store-bought) gnocchi in the fridge and I'm thinking about an aromatic burnt butter with sage sauce that I had a few weeks ago at Cafe XXii in Pyrmont.

A quick search on Google brings me to the pleaseant realisation that it's so quick and easy (recipe link) and I dash to get the last bunch of fresh sage in the supermarket fridge on my way home from work!

It was my first try at cooking gnocchi and I think that I may have slightly overcooked it (al dente is not an Indian concept!).
The sauce though was fab and such great comfort food for a cool Sydney evening.

A definite winner for a quick, impressive, delicious and easy meal in minutes!

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